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Photography by Natalie Alvarado


Andrew J. Tarr 

| Sound Designer |

Composer arranging jazz, rock, American folk, and ambient music for dance and theater. Based in LA, working as a theater sound designer, an audio/video/control systems engineer, and has been a performing musician for 20 years. Andrew works closely with A.Ordaz Dance in building the relationship of sound and movement though established repertoire and exploration.

Morgan Embry - Lighting Designer

Morgan Embry 

| Lighting Designer |

A lighting designer, projection designer, and choreographer living in Los Angeles, California. She is currently working in the genres of live music, dance, theatre, and installation art. 

Avery Reagan - Lighting Designer

Avery reagan 

| Lighting Designer |

Avery Reagan is a lighting designer currently based in the Los Angeles area. An upcoming opportunity Avery is very excited about is being one of the two Gilbert Hemsley Interns for 2020-2021. Through this incredible program, she will work with the San Francisco Opera, the New York City Ballet, and the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. 


Emeline Lotherington

MarieElena Martingano

Joan Holly Padeo

Samantha Scheller

Catalina Jackson-Urueña

Piper Bockstahler

Haihua Chiang

Cierra Crowley

Joáo Ducci

Lauren Gresens

Isabella Harris

Emily Hoff

Ember Hopkins

Megumi Iwama

Samantha Lin

Julienne Mackay

Nikki Nistal

Victoria Raye Roman

Samantha Rose

Casey Shea

 Sky Spiegel

Sophia Vangelatos

Claire Upton

Katherine Wong

A.Ordaz Dance Rehearsals / Jim Rodney Photography
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