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Fotos Antiguas

" The choreography shifted between moments of silent solidarity and individual softness, expressing the many facets of a woman’s life. "

- Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

Fotos Antiguas | 8 mins

Inspired by antique photos of women, before becoming grandmothers, is a dance that yearns for historical tangible evidence. Movement fluidly stands inside of real-time and snapshots back into a period in time- a placement. An expression that looks at the sensitive dependence on initial condition related to culture, legacy, and self.

LA Dance Chronicle "A Strong Program" 

Concept, Direction, Choreography | Andrea Ordaz

Sound Design | Andrew J. Tarr

Lighting Design | Wouter Feldbusch

| Performances |

Blaktinx Festival- Bootleg Theater

October  2018

Julienne Mackey, Joan Padeo, Samantha Scheller

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