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Tierra Intocable

Tierra Intocable // 9 mins


A sound filled world with flapping monarch butterfly wings, dirt, borders, and people; natural route patterns among a forgetful essence. To recall homelands: Am I on the outside looking in ? Or am I in the inside looking out? Embracing community and finding meaning in your moving identity.

[Featured in THE RED BOOK ]

Concept, Direction, Choreography | Andrea Ordaz


Sound Design | Andrew J. Tarr


Original Lighting Design | Avery Reagan

| Performances |

Clair Trevor Theater, UC Irvine

December  2018

Edgar Aguirre, John Barclay, PiperBockstahler, Lauren Gresens, Isabella Harris, Samantha Lin, Emily McKeon, Alexis-Nichole Pineda, Sophia Vangelatos, Katherine Wong


American College Dance Association, (ACDA) Baja Region

March 2019

PiperBockstahler, Joáo Ducci, Lauren Gresens, Isabella Harris, Ember Hopkins, Samantha Lin, Samantha Scheller, Katherine Wong

Breaking Ground Festival– Tempe Center for the Arts

January 2020

Catalina Jackson-Urueña, MarieElena Martingano, Emeline Lotherington, Haihua Chiang, Victoria Raye Roman, Casey Shea, Sky Spiegel, Nikki Nistal

Financial Supporter | Jim Rodney

Design Support | Julie D. Keen-Leavenworth for Costume Design, Pam Marsden for Props

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