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Rome, Italy

Vanth | 5 mins

Inspired by the Etruscan female goddess comes a multi-media collaboration that culminated in Rome, Italy at the Conservatorio di Musica 'Santa Cecilia' Roma. Breaths and whispers lead to conscious worlds and shake the inner-most subconscious parts of thinking and being divine.This journey to the underworld is represented through experimental choreography, audio, and video.

Choreography | Andrea Ordaz in collaboration with dancers

Audio & Video Composition | Davide Tedesco, Gabriela Velitch

| Performances |

Conservatorio di Musica 'Santa Cecilia'

June  2018

Lauren Gresens, Sophia Vangelatos

University of Rome Tor Vergata

July  2018

Lauren Gresens, Sophia Vangelatos

*Special thanks to Lisa Naugle, John Crawford, Riccardo Santoboni, and Giovani Constantini​​

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