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Performance available through Sunday, October 4th midnight

Program Info

Program Info

I see you. Do you see me?

An intimate sit-in with self, perception, and inside the psyche.

Artist Statements

"For this experience, I played with the concept of honesty and examined the many parts from a point of view. In movement, I just needed to be myself and challenge broken spaces through mind, body, and soul -- to draw in, evoke, and let go. People need connection; to feel close again and I wanted to offer a place for sensing me, you, one another, and humanity." -Andrea Ordaz


"Musically, we wanted to explore the middle ground between hope and hopelessness; a kind of wistful pessimism. I sketched a draft of the first section, working mostly on piano. I wanted to create a base layer of familiarity that devolves as the piece progresses, creating a sense of unease. The second section feels like coming home, but not really arriving in the place you expected it to be. Playing along with the movement Andrea had captured, I recorded the guitar swells in real time and was able to develop nice counterpoint with the piano. This is a fun mix to listen to in your favorite pair of headphones." -Andrew J.Tarr

- Considering Making A Donation  -

Contributions will directly support artists and help fund A.Ordaz Dances's next project for 2021. We creatively await safely returning to theater spaces. 10% of proceeds will be shared with the following organizations. 

Wildfire Relief Fund (5%)

Eva Longoria Foundation (5%)

Donations via Venmo @dreaordaz or Ticket RSVP below

Eventbrite tru Oct.4th

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